Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Poll: Wanna hear me in the future?

I'm trying to think how I can put my voice on the net. I suppose i can do it through Youtube and link it to here? Or can I upload sound files directly here?

Islamically is it allowed to hear my voice without face? Hmm tough questions for sure. What do you think? Vote below in comments.


Aliyah said...

From what you have said, it does seem like Allah(swt)has blessed you with a beautiful voice mashallah. BUT islamically you are not allowed to have your voice in a melodic way be heard by other men, so if youre going to have it on youtube or here on your blog there is a very great chance of a man listening to your voice.This is what the quraan says:

O wives of the Prophet! you are not like any other of the women if you fear
(Allah)/are righteous; so (if you are righteous) be not soft in (your) speech lest he in
whose heart is a disease yearn (for you); and speak appropriate speech.
 Do not speak softly and in a manner that may attract a man. This is the second
level of modesty.

Hope that helps:)

Melodic Muslimah said...

Thank you Sister, it does help a lot. Perhaps I can make this private and then let only sisters trustworthy in....

Hmmm I will think about that.
Thank you again.

Fatimah said...

If you have a way to let Muslim Sisters here your voice privately, I would love to hear it!

.::Tuttie::. said...

yes you can. start a private blog (because you need this one publicly as private blogs only allow up to 100 followers) and I think its called podcast. I know how to do it with a wordpress blog but not on blogger. If I come up with anything else I will post again.inshaallah

WhiteOrchid said...

A womans voice is not part of the awrah, however she should not (as the sister above stated) speak softly in a way that men will be attracted.

Yeah making it private so that only ladies could hear you , is a good idea :)